PaySimple recently launched an updated brand platform and identity to reflect the service and value we deliver to our customers each day.

The Logo

One of the foundational elements of a brand platform is the logo. Our new logo typeface is Gotham; a more clean, modern san-serif than the old Mouser typeface. We kept the two-color combination and added an additional visual distinction between the two words with a different type weight. By using two colors and weights, we visually separate the two words, PAY – SIMPLE, making it easy read and comprehend; especially for those who are seeing it for the first time.

The Mark

The logo mark is most exciting for us to roll out and is the most noticeable change to our logo as a whole. More than just an icon, the PaySimple mark visually represents the service and value we offer. The basic shape of our new mark is a rectangle which resembles a check or credit card. The shape also reminds us of the EMV chip embedded in a credit card. These objects are central to the payments industry and eCommerce. The alternating use of round and sharp corners suggest the shape of a leaf giving it an organic feel that is representative of the growth and prosperity we wish for our customers.

When looking more carefully at the new PaySimple logo mark, you realize there are multiple segments working together that form the shape of the rectangle. Remember the saying “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts? “ This is true of the mark and the total value we offer to our customers. We understand that every business is unique and has varying payment needs. Today, PaySimple delivers the most flexible combination of payment solutions in the industry. This level of flexibility met by unmatched customer service is what matters most to 20,000 and counting businesses nationwide.

PaySimple is here to solve your immediate payment needs and as your business evolves, our products and services will grow with you.

Payments Today. Partners for Tomorrow.

To your success!
Your PaySimple Team