In partnership with PaySimple, franchise businesses are provided with the flexibility and customer care commitment necessary for long-term success.

A leading payment management solution, we at PaySimple deliver best-in-class payment and billing solutions that enable businesses to manage cash flow exactly as they need.

Over 17,000 businesses nationwide rely on PaySimple solutions each day for flexible and efficient cash flow management from anywhere.

For business franchises in particular, PaySimple provides the functionality and quality of customer support required for multi-location cash flow management.  

With a PaySimple partnership, multi-location businesses can operate in confidence; supported by our well-established franchise benefits and commitment to your success.

Flexible Payment Acceptance

Flexibility of payment acceptance within PaySimple is delivered in our capabilities around payment methods and accessibility.

Unlike many alternative solutions, PaySimple handles the acceptance of both credit cards and ACH transactions; providing notable value to franchise systems. From a single platform, all locations are positioned to handle the preferred payment of their consumer – cash, check, credit card, ACH and or debit cards. The need to invest and manage multiple solutions for payment acceptance is alleviated, providing a cost-effective approach to streamlining technology across locations.

Additional flexibility is recognized in the accessibility of the PaySimple solution. Online, mobile and in-person payment acceptance is provided to all users.

System Level Reporting

System level reporting assists with analysis of revenue from a 360 degree view; facilitating informed decision making. Access to revenue generated across all locations can help with performance forecasting and planning without relying on individual franchise location reports.

Furthermore, direct insights of individual location performance simplifies the royalty collection process.

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Customized Pricing & Processing Rates

Intentionally provided to help franchises maintain and expand with strong financial health, our pricing and rates are customized for franchise systems.

Through PaySimple, multi-location businesses are eligible to receive customized pricing and processing rates. Depending on amount of locations and operating costs, the opportunity to establish a competitive rate can be highly favorable.

Integration Capabilities

Understanding that franchise systems often require use of numerous systems, the PaySimple platform is engineered with robust integration capabilities. Connection to accounting, marketing, and other critical business tools are seamlessly completed with our open API.

Thorough support is provided by way of our developer documentation resources and dedicated support team to those pursuing PaySimple integration into an online site, a mobile application or SaaS product.

Centralized Training and Support

Committed to serving the needs of every individual franchise business, our customer support sits internally within PaySimple. Each multi-location we serve is handled by our designated franchise support team; ensuring individualized care throughout the relationship.

Past on-boarding, multi-location businesses remain supported by specialized franchise support available to them for further training and technical assistance.

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