Understanding all the government requirements for running your small business can be complicated—from tax filings, to business licenses, to labor requirements, to postal service permits, and more—and the amount of time you need to spend on legal and regulatory paperwork is staggering.

If you’re lucky you can hire someone to take care of the government filings for you. But, if you’re like many small-business owners, the task falls to you. And while the government hasn’t made filling out the forms any easier, it has made them easier to find by creating a Government Forms directory.

Provided by USA.gov, the government site dedicated to making working with the US government easier, the directory provides a list of all government agencies with which businesses interact along with links to a forms page for each of them.

Of particular interest to small businesses is the U.S. Small Business Administration Forms page. The SBA page includes extensive resources for managing and running a small business, including lending forms, business registration forms, and forms for applying for federal assistance.

Other U.S. federal forms categories include Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, Department of the Treasury (including the IRS), Federal Emergency Management Agency, Social Security Administration, United States Postal Service and more. There are 49 agencies listed, and many have links to multiple form categories.

So, the next time you need to file a federal form head straight to the Government Forms directory where the form will be easy to find, and you’ll be certain to get the latest version.

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