As a business focused on serving businesses, we at PaySimple understand the uncertainty and hardship that COVID-19 has created. To help you through this time, we will be publishing a series of communications focused on how best to navigate COVID-19 for your business. 

In this first piece we’ve outlined the preventative health measures needed to protect your business and your customers. The following guidance is thoughtfully tailored to businesses within the area of health and wellness that provide services including physical therapy, massage therapy, talk therapy, fitness training and chiropractic care.

Preventative Measures for Health & Wellness Businesses 

Mitigating increased cases of COVID-19 requires increased action and adjustments to the way a business operates. For health and wellness business owners, in-person services are the heart of the business. We recommend applying these practices to assist your business operations and customers. 

Your Business 

  • Increase proper sanitation practices and self-contamination prevention. Surfaces, medical devices, supplies and equipment should follow strict cleaning practices as COVID-19 can live and be transferred from several hours to days depending on where it is located.  
  • Businesses providing healthcare services through in-person visits should adhere to personal protective equipment recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  
  • Mandate strict hand-washing procedures for all employees; washing hands between every office visit or every 20 minutes – whichever occurs first. 
  • Knowing that early identification of COVID-19 is important, your business should continuously check in on the health of employees. Those experiencing flu-like symptoms (coughing, fever, difficulty breathing) should be encouraged to stay home.  
  • Should your business experience negative impact by COVID-19, you may qualify for relief assistance. Explore COVID-19 disaster relief assistance eligibility through the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Your Customers 

  • Deliver clear communications to customers regarding changes in your business such as hours, preventative care actions, staffing availability, etc., due to COVID-19.   
  • Reinforce your commitment to your clients’ and patients’ health and safety by providing additional cleaning and sanitation supplies, including hand sanitizers, extra soap and paper towels in the restrooms, waiting rooms and examination rooms. 
  • Adapt your services offerings to virtual visits for clients or patients who do not require in-person visits, such as talk therapy or counseling. For fitness professionals, online classes can be substituted for in-person sessions to accommodate clients and generate business in quarantined times. 
  • Lessen in-person interaction with patients when possible. Leverage online payment solutions to collect payments through payment forms or invoicing
  • Be understanding of patients or clients concerned with in-office visits and be flexible with appointment rescheduling. Consider waiving cancellation fees. 
  • Accept multiple payment methods to accommodate consumer preferences and ensure that you are able to keep business going throughout this time.  

If your business needs assistance preparing for these changes, PaySimple can help. Our customer service is available for you at- 855-881-381. Additional business guidance on navigating COVID-19 will be provided here on going. Check back for new topics and updates.