Reaching out to volunteer for a nonprofit in your community can lead to opportunities and benefits that enhance your company’s long-term reputation while growing your business.

Sure, you’ll be contributing positively to society and spreading your brand awareness across the community.  But you’ll probably also have some fun while networking to meet new leads and potential business partners.

Choose a charity you respect and admire that also coincides with your company’s values, and learn the benefits below for how helping others can help grow your business.

Grow your relationship within your community

There are a lot of networking events for meeting new people in your city, but few are as engaging as volunteering to help a noble cause.  Most volunteers tend to have a day job, and volunteering to work with them opens the opportunity to trade business cards with all sorts of great business leads.  An activity as simple as wrapping gifts for underprivileged children could lead to sharing scissors with your next business partner.

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Grow relationships within your business.

The office can be so busy, it’s sometimes difficult to socialize and strengthen relationships with your coworkers.  Even in our relatively small company, it’s difficult for me to interact with everyone.  People are busy concentrating on their accounting, sales and technology objectives, while I stay busy helping customers on the phone.  But stuffing envelopes for charities and serving food to the homeless have enabled me to connect with coworkers on a deeper level, having conversations that never would have happened by the water cooler.

Grow your brand.

The nice part of helping nonprofits in your community is that you can give yourself props.  You can promote your community outreach programs on your website and blog, where you can even invite visitors (potential leads) to help participate with your organization.  It helps create goodwill with your clients, showcases your company’s true values and can even attract potential customers who support your work.

Grow your karma.

Volunteering to help your community can broadcast positive vibrations into the universe, which can only bring back positive energy to help your organization succeed in the long run.  As Paul McCartney once wrote, “The love you get is equal to the love you give.”

What kind of charity work does your company do?  For ideas on how your company can get more involved, check out or!