Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

Accept credit card payments anywhere - turn your computer or mobile device into a digital cash register.

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Create Orders Easily with Virtual Terminal

You can turn your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and phone all into virtual terminals using one platform, sparing a lot of hardware expense.

Add products and services to your catalog and add those items to a cart to create an order. It takes just seconds and you can even collect customer information at the time of purchase.

Select the products or services for the transaction

  • Add the product or service to the cart
  • Enter any desired customer information at the time of purchase (completely optional and customized by you)
  • You can also attach an existing customer account in the system — perfect for repeat business and ongoing customer insights
Create an Order Quickly & Easily

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Collect Payment and Track the Order

Process Credit Card Payments and Track Orders

The PaySimple Virtual Terminal, part of our industry-leading Point-of-Sale system, is designed to not only allow you to collect payments easily, but also have better insights to your business.

Collect payment and view cash flow

  • Key in or swipe a credit card to process the payment
  • Your customer receives an automatic email receipt
  • You receive an automatic order notification (optional) and have access to real-time reports of most popular services or profitable customers.

Getting started is easy.

You can sign up for PaySimple quickly and easily. No long-term contracts or obligations. Experience the best customer service in the industry.

  • Applying takes about 15 minutes
  • You can select whether you want to accept credit card and/or echeck payments
  • Friendly PaySimple representatives (all U.S. based here in our Denver office) are available to answer any questions

As Easy as 1-2-3

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