Service Point-of-Sale Software

A point-of-sale (POS) solution built for you - with the flexibility, simplicity, and power to support service businesses

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All Sales Types

Supports All Sales Types

One-time, recurring, credit card, ACH, cash and check. Swipe, key-in, send a bill, or charge to an account on file.


POS + CRM = Brilliant

With a built-in customer management database, you'll have better business insights and provide better service.

Account on File

Account on File

Online, over the phone, or in person, your customers' can access their accounts on file for fast, easy checkout.

PaySimple Point-of-Sale

Service POS Software vs Traditional POS

Launchpoint for Service Sales

Easily initiate transactions for all types of sales from one interface — in-person, by phone, or with a billing schedule.

Multi-touch Tracking & Flexibility

Track and manage omni-channel orders in one commerce platform, where all payments are tied to a customer record's history.

Customer Management

Provides customers a seamless experience and ability to call-in or log-in to pay with an account on file.

Point-of-Sale + CRM = Brilliant

Built-in Customer Database

No more using multiple systems with separate records for customers payment accounts, billing history, contact information and service notes. Now it's all in one searchable, secure customer database.

The Best Customer Insights

With best-in-class order management, customer reconciliation, and reporting, you'll always know where each customer stands.

Use Less Systems

Less systems means not only a more streamlined business operation and better customer experience, but also huge cost savings for you.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Make it effortless for customers to do repeat business with you — whether on a recurring payment schedule, or by enabling them to make ad hoc purchases with an account on file.

Credit Card or ACH Account on File

You can not only keep a credit card on file, but also ACH bank accounts, which makes accepting a payment with this less "at-hand" payment form now a breeze.

Two-Way Access to Accounts

You can access Account on File for an in-person or over-the-phone payment, but your customers can also log-in to pay online.

Add simplicity and flow to your business.

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