PaySimple Card Account Updater is a service that will automatically update customer credit and debit card information with no work on your part. By automatically updating customer card information, you will be able to:

Reduce lost revenue due to credit and debit cards that are expired, lost, stolen, upgraded, and closed

Increase successful transactions to maximize cashflow and secure more predictable revenue

Improve customer retention and satisfaction by preventing disruption to services

Save time and energy by eliminating manual customer follow-up and chasing failed payments

Card Account Updater Frequently Asked Questions

What card types does Card Account Updater work with?

Card Account Updater will automatically update active Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.

How does it work?

When stored credit or debit card information becomes inaccurate or outdated, PaySimple will automatically send an alert to the credit card company who provides new card information back to your PaySimple account in a secure PCI-compliant manner. This all happens behind the scenes on a regular basis with no additional effort from you.

Is there a cost to Card Account Updater?

Yes, the cost of activating Card Account Updater is $10 per month and $0.50 per successful card match and update. You will see fees for successful card updates on your monthly merchant processor statement. 

Will Card Account Updater work on cards that are already saved in my account, or will it only update new cards?

Card Account Updater will attempt to automatically match and update cards that are securely stored in your PaySimple merchant account. Card information cannot be updated if the account associated with the card has been closed by the issuer or requires contacting the cardholder directly for valid card information. If the card account is closed, it will be removed, and if you have enabled notifications, the customer will receive an email.

What to expect with active CAU enrollment?

Once you sign up, you can expect CAU to be activated in your account within a few business days and the service will begin running once a month.

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