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Make the Switch to Paperless Billing
We're pleased to offer paperless billing to add convenience and flexibility for our customers. Instead of manually submitting a payment each time it's due, you can now opt to have fees debited directly from your bank account or charged to any debit or credit card.
Go Paperless and Save Time and Resources
How it Works
Complete the electronic payment authorization form (attached) with your bank or payment card information. Sign, mail, fax or email it to the contact information below.

It's that easy. We'll add you to our system, and you'll receive an automatic email receipt each time a payment is processed.

Best of all, you never have to remember to send a check again!
Why Use Electronic Payments
It's Easy
Simply provide your payment information and authorization, and we'll do the rest.
It's Secure
Our platform uses the most powerful security tools that exist in the marketplace, and all sensitive information is encrypted.
It's Organized
Eliminate the need to remember payments and receive automatic email receipts when transactions are processed.
Your Company
123 First Street
City, ST 12345
Phone: 555.555.5555 (ext: 4555)
Fax: 720.555.5555