Real-Time Business Intelligence and Reporting

Gain customer insights, manage cash flow, and automated invoicing.

Cash Flow Management

Easily manage your cash flow and track outstanding payments

Automated Invoicing & Tracking

Get paid faster with a system that makes invoicing fast and easy

Real-time Reporting

Make decisions about your business with valuable customer insights

Simple Cash Flow Management

Always Know Where Your Customer’s Payments Stand

With a comprehensive, mobile-friendly payment system you’ll always know when a deposit is made, and if it’s late or on time.

Increase Your Revenue With Consumer Insights at Your Fingertips

Get a comprehensive look at customer purchase history and brand engagement as the database links every transaction with your customer profiles.

Forecast Over Any Time Period With Confidence

Easily compare current days, months and years with previous time frames for a complete look at your financial past, present and future.

Stop Chasing Outstanding Invoices

Never Wonder About the Status of a Payment Again

With real-time reporting and be notified of failed transactions immediately.

Work Smarter With Personalized Customer Management

Using state-of-the-art reporting you'll be able to quickly identify which customers have outstanding payments and for how much.

Sick of Making Awkward Payment Follow-up Calls?

With instant access to payment statuses, automatic payment follow-ups, and confirmation emails, you'll spend less time calling customers and chasing payments.

Leverage Real-Time Customer Reporting

Gain Better Awareness of Your Accounts Receivable

View real-time transaction statuses that are easily accessible no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Spend More Time on Your Business and Less Time Stressing

Use world-class reporting features that provide insights from your best customers, to best-selling products and services, to seasonal trends.

Enjoy the Freedom That Comes With Deep Business Insights

Take a deep breath and a carefree lunch with the peace of mind that your payment follow-ups are automated and your reports are updating behind the scenes.

Add simplicity and flow to your business.

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