Smart Reporting

Have a view of your cash flow at all times

Spend less time reporting and tallying

  • Know what's deposited, late, and just sent at any time
  • Data is always current without having to run a new report
  • Compare current days and months to previous

Use the reporting dashboard for current account and billing information
Use automated reminders to follow up on failed transactions

20% of business owners admit to forgetting to follow-up on invoices

  • Know real-time what transactions have failed
  • Know who has overdue invoices (and how much) in seconds
  • Automated follow-ups take care of uncomfortable conversations

PaySimple lets you be proactive

  • Smart Reporting lets you take control of your business
  • Less time stressing, more time strategizing
  • Finally have time to focus on your business or even take a long lunch

Be proactive with expiring credit card notifications

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