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Nonprofits turn to PaySimple to automate their fundraising and optimize donor contributions.

Leading nonprofits such as Develop Africa, CrozierLife and TransformAsia use PaySimple for recurring donor schedules, online donation forms, and contributor database management. See their stories below, along with other industry insights and trends.

Nonprofit News and Trends

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What's keeping nonprofits up at night?

Constant Contact Nonprofit Pulse Survey: Attracting New Supporters Keeps Nonprofits Up at Night


In a recent pulse survey, Constant Contact, Inc. revealed that the three main challenges keeping nonprofits up at night are attracting new supporters (64%), connecting with existing supporters (59%) and getting funding (57%).

Nonprofit respondents also answered questions related to marketing and revealed that email was their most valuable marketing tool (86% finding it effective), followed by their website (80%), in-person interactions (73%) and events (70%).  Social marketing effectiveness wasn’t as tight of a race; 88% of respondents deemed Facebook most effective, while Twitter and LinkedIn only garnered 5% and 3% of the vote, respectively.

In speaking to the overall health of nonprofits, Constant Contact saw positive signs: 67% of respondents expect membership or funding to improve this year and 55% report having adequate cash flow.

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Donor behaviors have shifted dramatically over the past decade

Charting a Decade of Online Donations

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Network for Good put together an interesting infographic that outlines the shift made in donation behaviors over the last decade. The chart shows that while only 4% of donors had given online by 2001, 65% had done so by 2011.

The infographic also speaks to the power of social media in its ability to spread awareness about an issue or cause.

With donation behaviors expected to continue the shift to online this decade, organizations would be wise to prepare for the needs of their donors and consider adopting social media strategies to amplify their causes.

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NGOs, Charities and Nonprofits are moving technology to the cloud

2012 Global Cloud Computing Survey Results

TechSoup Global

TechSoup Global recently published results from a cloud-computing survey of over 10,000 NGOs, nonprofits and charities worldwide, which surfaced both excitement and confusion about moving technology to the cloud.

60% of respondents claimed that knowledge of cloud computing was the biggest barrier preventing the transition, yet 90% use at least one cloud application. Perhaps nonprofits aren’t giving themselves enough credit for their savvy.

The survey also found that over half of respondents (53%) plan on moving a “significant portion” of their IT to the cloud within three years, and 47% said money-savings and ease of set up are what makes the cloud most attractive.

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Why Nonprofits Use PaySimple Online Payment Processing

  • Easy-to-implement recurring donation automation
  • Low gateway and processing fees
  • Intuitive contributor database management and reporting
  • Hands on customer support

Nonprofit Success Stories Using PaySimple

Non-Profit enjoys easy donations through online payments

CrozierLife Inc, a non-profit started by Ryan & Andrea Crozier, works in Romania to help in the prevention of human trafficking. With the help of online payments they receive and manage their donations with ease, saving…

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PaySimple Increases Efficiency for Boy Scout Troop Fundraiser

The Boy Scouts of America are well known for their good deeds and outdoor activities. To support these activities and charitable events, Boy Scout Troops hold fundraisers. Troop 970's most important fundraiser is…

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