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Savoy Bookkeeping and Tax Service, PrePaidTaxes, and Latino Tax Service are just a few of the organizations that use PaySimple to invoice clients, set up automated payment plans, manage their customer databases. Check out their stories and other industry insights below.

Accounting Service News and Trends

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Client fee revenue on the rise for CPA firms

Most CPA Firms Show Increase in Fee Revenue, AICPA Survey Shows

American Institute of CPAs

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Institute of CPAs and the Texas Society of CPAs, over half of CPA firms have experienced an increase in revenue growth over the past year.

Two out of three respondents reported growth in their client fee revenue, with smaller firms (under $200,000 in annual revenue) being more than twice as likely to see significant increases of over 30%.

Along with the increases in revenue, average partner compensation has also increased 10% since 2010, suggesting good times ahead if the trend continues.

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The "whys" and the "hows" of going mobile this tax season

Seven Tips for Going Mobile This Tax Season

Accounting Today

A couple of years ago, Mark Pricco, owner of a large retail tax preparation service in Michigan, noticed his customers’ growing adoption of mobile technology. In response, he developed a text message notification system that alerted his tax customers when their returns were complete. In the time since launching the text alerts, he’s further developed his smartphone technology to fully engage with his tax customers.

Pricco recently laid out seven tips to help other tax preparers to go mobile this season. Check them out below.

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Calendar from illustrates small business tax obligations

Important Tax Dates for Small Businesses

With tax season around the corner, small businesses are reminded just how important it is to have an expert to assist. But the dawning of a new year isn’t the only time businesses have to work on taxes – it’s a year-round affair.

The small business tax calendar from illustrates the myriad of monthly steps that small businesses must take to meet their obligations. In October of this year, for example, employers had to meet up to 16 tax requirements. This calendar serves well to reinforce any small business owner’s intuition to hire an accountant or tax expert to relieve some of the burden.

View the specifics and subscribe to calendar alerts at the link below.

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Why Accountants Turn to PaySimple Online Payment Processing

  • Automated payment plans and recurring client billing
  • Electronic invoicing for tax returns and other services
  • Intuitive client database management and reporting
  • Hands on customer support

Accounting Service Success Stories Using PaySimple

Tax Prep and Bookkeeping Service Automates its Business

Expanding the Business Elliot Janes assumed control of Latino Tax Service in early 2008. When he bought the company, its core service was tax preparation. Elliot soon found that, while specializing in tax prep was a lucrative business…

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A tax service company improves the way they collect payments

PrePaidTaxes provides both business and personal tax services that promise to show clients to their maximum tax refund. Their values empower those that work from their homes to have the same support and confidence in filing…

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