Creative Ways to Use Online Payment Pages

As you know, PaySimple’s online payment pages (a.k.a. "webforms") give you a simple, secure way to accept payments on your website, but the functionality doesn’t stop there. Here are some creative ways other PaySimple users are employing online payment pages to make their lives easier:

Creative Ways to Use Web Payment Pages:

  • Collect one-time payments in person by creating a webform and displaying it at your business. If you are a property management company, a doctor’s office, or a non-profit (for example), you can create a webform for display at your reception area to collect payments from your customers in person, allowing them to enter their information and submit the payment.
  • Use a webform as a registration tool. If you are hosting an event, you can create a form specifically for the event and use custom fields to collect specific event information
  • Send a link to the webform. If your business relies heavily on another form of invoicing or communicating with your customers, you can send them a link to the webform so that they can make a payment right from their email without having to go to your business website
  • Collect billing information to set up recurring payments. By adjusting your Terms and Conditions, you can collect one-time payments from your customers via a webform and then, once you have their payment information and authorization (from the agreed upon Terms and Conditions), you can set up a recurring payment schedule for future payments.

Configuring your webforms is easy, and once you get started we bet you’ll come up with additional creative uses for webforms. When you do, let us know and maybe we’ll share your ideas with fellow merchants. If you get stuck in the process, click here for web payment page support topics.

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