Steps You Can Take to Ensure Clean Data

To get the most out of the data insights available with your PaySimple account, it’s important to maintain a clean, organized database within the system. PaySimple provides a handful of safeguards that help you achieve a clean database, but there are several proactive steps you can take to ensure you’re getting the most out of your customer data.

Cleaning Glove

Stay Up To Date: Any successful payments processed through the PaySimple system will automatically settle and post to your account. If, however, you still have customers paying via cash or check, be sure to manually mark those invoices as “paid” so that you can track those cash or check payments outside of the system.

PaySimple will also make you aware of expiring credit cards, but it is up to you to retrieve updated payment information so you can continue to process payments from those customers.

Minimize Duplicate Customer Entries: When adding new customers to your PaySimple account, make sure their name hasn't already been added by you or a member of your team. Duplicate data affects the accuracy of your reporting and may cause confusion for you and your customers.

Don’t Let Contacts Go Stale: If you’re a seasonal business, make an effort to stay in touch with your customers during the offseason. This will not only keep your business top-of-mind for when they need your services in the future, but it will also make you aware of any changes to email addresses or phone numbers. If you have older lists or contacts that you’d like to message, consider executing an opt-in email campaign that confirms their interest in receiving communications from you.

Keep Track of Email Opt-Outs: If you use an email service provider such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp for marketing campaigns, make sure your lists are in compliance with CAN-SPAM. These providers will automatically give your customers a way to opt-out of future email communications, but you must make sure you’re using the right lists with the most up-to-date subscription preferences. Using a custom field to indicate if a customer is opted in or out of your messaging would be a great way to keep track of this information. If you upload your PaySimple customer lists into an email platform, confirm with your provider that email opt-outs will automatically be recognized based on the address provided.

With clean data, you can run precise reports to help you market smarter, accurately track your receivables, and keep tabs on your current and future cash flow. For more on PaySimple’s reporting functionality, click here for a detailed support guide.

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