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Much like a signed receipt for a retail transaction, authorizations for electronic payments protect both you and your customers. They’re especially important when it comes to ACH transactions, but we recommend them for credit card payments as well. Make sure you keep your completed authorization forms in a locked filing cabinet, only accessible by trusted employees within your organization.

We have created the following customizable authorization forms for recurring payments that you can distribute via email, snail mail, or in-person for payments or donations:

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Customizable Authorization Forms:

Download PaySimple's Payment Authorization Form Templates to Use for Your Business

Templates included:

  • Recurring Payments Authorization (Credit Card or ACH)
  • One-Time Payment Authorization (Credit Card)
  • One-Time Payment Authorization(ACH)
  • Business-to-Business ACH Payments Authorization (Recurring or One-Time)

For more information on authorizations, check out these handy help articles:

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