Use Mobile Payments to Gain Customers and Shorten Your Billing Cycle

Cash flow is important for early-growth businesses. According to a survey from Bank of America, 45% of small business owners expressed “not getting paid on time by clients and customers” as the biggest cash flow challenge they faced last year. Two of the biggest culprits of cash flow concerns for small businesses are late payments and long billing cycles, and PaySimple can help you stamp out both.

Included with your PaySimple account, you have access to our free PaySimple Mobile app and card reader. Using the mobile app to collect payments on-the-spot is a great strategy for shortening your billing cycle while, at the same time, collecting new customer information for future marketing. Instead of waiting for a customer to pay you via web form or email invoice, mobile payments allow you to take the initiative, run the payment immediately, and see deposits to your bank account after the normal funding time has elapsed.

PaySimple Mobile syncs seamlessly with the web application to which you’re already accustomed. Any customers you add via the app will be available next time you log in at the office, and, likewise, any existing customers will already made available through the app. The same visibility into your cash flow is literally available in the palm of your hands. There’s no greater feeling than seeing a payment come in from your last project while you’re pitching your services for the next!

Click here to get started with PaySimple Mobile and order your free card reader today (shipping and handling fees do apply).

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