Manage and Grow Your All-Important Contact List with PaySimple

Few possessions are more valuable to your business than a well-organized contact list. According to a recent study by Constant Contact, 57 percent of small businesses realize this truth and are actively trying to grow their email list, yet only 35 percent collect email addresses at point of sale. Depending on your business-type, your customers are your best leads for future sales, so you should do everything in your power to obtain and store their information. PaySimple can help.

Your PaySimple account serves as a mini-customer relationship manager, or “CRM,” which allows you to store and organize your customer data. Name, address and contact information are the necessities, but you can also store encrypted payment information which allows you to quickly run payments for repeat customers. An added bonus of PaySimple’s CRM is the custom field functionality. If you run a daycare, for example, you can create a field titled “Child’s Name” to keep record of both the child and parent’s names. If you’re a fitness center, you might track fitness goals and target your marketing based on their interests.

PaySimple also helps you grow your contact list. Not only do you collect relevant contact information at point of sale, but you can also import lists you may have built outside of PaySimple. Then, when the time comes to market to past customers, it’s a simple export from your PaySimple account that produces a spreadsheet with all of the fields you need. You can then use the list to email or call your customers as part of your next campaign.

A great way to get started with PaySimple’s CRM is to upload your existing contacts into your account. Log in to give it a shot. If you get stuck, click here for a more information on customer imports.

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