Make Your Billing Work for You with Recurring Payments

Recurring billing is perhaps the single biggest time-saver included in your PaySimple account, and there are multiple ways you can optimize the experience for you and your customers. Here are a few examples:

  • Send pre-notification emails to your customers a few days before an upcoming scheduled payment to provide a heads-up and help to avoid insufficient funds returns. Pre-notifications can be set in the "settings" section of your PaySimple account.

  • Set up future one-time payments. Maybe you don’t need to bill this customer on a recurring basis, but you want to collect their billing information and schedule their payment for a future date. You can set up a future scheduled payment in the "payments" section of your account.

  • Use a custom first payment. If you collect a deposit or a down payment, save time by setting up a custom first payment when you set up the recurring billing schedule.

Your customers will love you for setting up a payment option that they don’t have to think about. Click here to set up recurring billing in a few simple steps.

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