Launch: Phone Script

Do you plan to introduce PaySimple to your customers via telephone? If so, the script below serves as a helpful starting point, depending on the specific features you intend to use.

Hi, CUSTOMER. I’m calling to let you know that we have chosen a new, paperless billing solution to add convenience and flexibility in how you pay for our service.

(RECURRING BILLING) Here’s how it works: I’ll email you an authorization for you to fill out and send back at your convenience. When I receive it, I’ll set up your automated billing schedule and you’ll no longer have to go to the trouble of paying each time a bill is due. Each time a payment is processed, you will receive an email receipt for your records. What is the best email address to use?

(ELECTRONIC INVOICING) Here’s how it works: On your next billing cycle, we will send an email invoice, rather than the paper invoice we’ve sent in the past and you can simply click to pay via the method of your choosing. (We’re set up for credit cards as well as ACH, which is basically a debit from your bank account). I think you’ll like it because you no longer have to write a check and put it in the mail. What is the best email address to use?

(ONLINE PAYMENT FORMS) Here’s how it works: Next time you owe us a payment (or want to make a donation), simply go to our website and (give specific directions) to pay via our secure, online payment form using the payment method of your choosing. I can also email you the form if you provide your email address.

We’re looking forward to the transition and hope you enjoy the simplified process as well. Do you have any questions I can answer?

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