Determining Which PaySimple Features You'll Use

While you may have signed up for PaySimple to take advantage of specific functionality, you’ll soon discover a plethora of ways you can use your account to free up time. Listed below are the various payment acceptance methods included in your account. Depending on which methods you use, you’ll want take slightly different steps in getting started. Recurring payments, for example, require different authorization information than payments that are processed through a web payment page. But don’t worry – we have everything you need for a successful launch.

Recurring Billing

What, you ask, is a recurring payment? It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like; a scheduled payment that is debited from your customer’s bank (via ACH) or credit card on a recurring basis. You pick the dollar amount, email notifications, date, and frequency, then just set it and forget it. Recurring payments are the best way to make your monthly billing work for you instead of the other way around.

If your business is subscription based (like a massage studio, music school, non-profit with monthly donations, etc.), recurring billing adds hours back to your day, and relieves your customers from having to remember to pay each month. Another nice feature allows you to dictate unique first-time payments which are great for enrollment fees if you’re a fitness center, or payment plans if you’re a law firm or medical practice.

One-Time Payments

Similarly to recurring payments, your PaySimple account supports ACH and credit card for one-time payments as well. No matter which features inspired you to sign up for a PaySimple account, you’ll use one-time payments, at least occasionally. They’re great for quick transactions that may take place over the phone or in-person, and they’re also popular with our PaySimple mobile app (more on that below).

Web Payment Pages

PaySimple’s web payment pages give your customers a secure way to pay for products and services online, on their own time. They can be used to collect donations for your non-profit, as a registration form for any type of class (art, tutoring, Crossfit, etc), rent collection for a property management company… the list goes on. In fact, you don’t even need a website to use web payment pages. Simply create a web payment form from your PaySimple account, and send the link directly to your customer.

Many brick-and-mortar PaySimple users employ web payment pages at the front desk, so customers visiting the office can make payments while in person. Just one more way to avoid tracking down payments in the future.

If your business relies heavily on Quickbooks, another creative way to use web payment forms is to add the web payment form link to your Quickbook invoices. This allows customers to click on the link and pay the invoice.

Email Invoicing

Before recurring payments, mobile payments, credit cards, and ACH, there was invoicing. PaySimple takes the traditional invoice one step further by allowing you to email invoices to your customers, who then click-to-pay via credit card or ACH. Giving your customers the opportunity to pay your business online goes a long way in cutting down on overdue invoices. Speaking of which, the system can hunt down payments for you. You can schedule timed communications that remind your customers to pay if their invoice is overdue or coming due soon.

Law firms, dog walking services, house cleaning services, CPAs, and many others have success with the invoicing feature because it allows them to accumulate services across a period of time and then send the invoice electronically once they are ready for payment. Other users actually set up recurring invoices, which still gives their customers the ability to pay on their schedule, but eliminates the need to mail out bills.

Mobile Payments

The PaySimple Mobile App is one of the coolest parts of your new system. Free for download to your mobile device, the app automatically syncs to your web-based account so you can access your customer information from anywhere. You can also request a free card reader that allows you to swipe credit cards next time you’re on-site with a client or at an event where you're accepting payments in person.

Giving your customers the ability to pay on-the-spot means you don’t have to run that transaction later, and they’ll appreciate the convenience as much as you do.

Now that you know how you plan to use PaySimple, click here to get started.

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