Improve Customer Service with Custom Email Templates

Your PaySimple account allows you to send emails notifications to you and your customers about anything from an upcoming recurring payment, to a transaction receipt, to a customer credit card that is about to expire. Your business can turn email notifications on and off universally and edit them so that the tone and content are exactly what you want to convey to your customers.

Benefits of PaySimple Email Templates:

  • They’re editable, so that they look and feel like your brand and come from your business email address
  • They keep you in-the-know by emailing you reports, or by copying you on email notifications to your customers
  • They add personalization by using ‘custom fields’ and merging the fields or notes into the email templates
  • They help with compliance by delivering proper authorization for ACH and credit card payments.

Speaking of authorizations, email notifications aren’t just for fun; they’re an important step in authorizing your transactions. Sending email receipts for some ACH transactions (one-time payments authorized over the phone), for instance, is a requirement. Receipts for credit card transactions are usually optional, but it’s a good practice to adopt. For detailed information about PaySimple’s email templates, click here.

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