PaySimple Customer Resources

Keeping your PaySimple platform clean and current is the key to peak efficiency. Download our resources below to optimize your PaySimple account today!

Like any well-oiled machine, your PaySimple account and business operations require seasonal tune-ups. Get a leg up on spring cleaning this year by putting some of these best practices into motion for more efficiency, time savings, and business growth. By following the guides provided, you will ensure your PaySimple account is running optimally, not only for your business today but also to take advantage of product enhancements in the future.

Merge Duplicate Customers

Merge customer records to reduce confusion for staff and customers alike.

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Update Branding on Customer Pages

Make sure your PaySimple customer pages reflect your current brand guidelines.

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Configure and Integrate MailChimp

Take advantage of efficient email marketing practices with a FREE Mailchimp account!

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