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Thanks for your interest!

Thank you for your interest in the PaySimple Account Updater early access program! We are working hard to make Account Updater available for your account. By implementing Account Updater, customer credit and debit card information can be automatically updated with no work on your part. By automatically updating customer card information you will be able to:

  • Reduce lost revenue due to credit and debit cards that are expired, lost, stolen, upgraded, and closed
  • Increase successful transactions to maximize cash flow and secure more predictable revenue
  • Improve customer retention by preventing disruption to services
  • Save time and energy by eliminating manual customer follow-up and chasing failed payments

By joining the early access program, you will be the first to know when Account Updater will be available for your PaySimple account. When it’s available, the PaySimple team will help you through the process of activating Account Updater and updating cards that are currently securely stored on-file for your customers.

Account Updater Frequently Asked Questions:

When will Account Updater be available for my account?

We are working hard to get Account Updater available to activate for your account. While the release date is tentative, we will continue to provide you progress updates and prepare your account for implementation.

Is there a cost to Account Updater?

Yes, the cost of activating Account Updater is $20 per month and $0.29 per successful card match and update. You will see fees for successful card updates on your monthly merchant processor statement.

What card types does Account Updater work with?

Account Updater will automatically update active Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.

Will Account Updater work on cards that are already saved in my account or will it only update new cards?

Account Updater will try to match and update cards that are already securely stored by your PaySimple account. On average, up to 25% of active cards will be updated within the first month of using Account Updater. Thereafter, it is common to see up to 10% of cards successfully updated per month.