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Small Businesses Embrace Technology Even More in 2013, According to PaySimple Pulse Survey

Small companies plan on more cloud-based solutions, social media marketing, and mobile, but nothing beats that personal touch

DENVER, CO – February 13, 2013 - PaySimple®, the cloud-based platform for managing and growing small businesses, announced the findings in its 2013 Pulse Survey of Small Businesses today. Thousands of PaySimple users surveyed articulated a plan to adopt more technology solutions, particularly for the operational functions of their firms, including back office, billing, and accounting. Small businesses want more cloud-based technologies, and they want to manage more of their operations on mobile devices. Small businesses have less interest in adding new staff in 2013. Business owners also remain convinced that even with more technology, there is no substitute for personal touch with customers.

Highlights from the survey, showcased graphically in the 2013 Small Business Pulse Infographic.

Operators have higher appetite for cloud, web and mobile solutions:

  • 90% of small businesses responding have company websites Tweet this!
  • Nearly 50% plan to add more cloud-based technology into their operations in 2013 Tweet this!
  • More than half of small businesses (53%) plan to run more functions over a mobile device Tweet this!
  • Over 90% have a mobile device
  • Over 60% own at least one Apple device, and iPhone users outnumber Android users 2:1

Technology will increase productivity and reduce appetite for new hiring:

  • Only 33% of small businesses plan to hire new full-time employees in 2013 Tweet this!
  • Among those, the average expected increase in staff is 24%

Small business owners are increasing use of new media marketing:

  • 85% use email, with 67% using company email, 11% using Constant Contact, and 8.5% using MailChimp
  • 51% plan to use Facebook and 17.7% Linkedin for marketing Tweet this!
  • 37% will engage in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) activities
  • Less than 10% of respondents plan to use phonebooks and local newspaper and magazine ads

Small business owners still rely heavily on personal touch to maintain relationships:

  • 55% relying on the telephone as a key engagement tool for customer relationships
  • 45% plan to use in-person events and community organizations

Small businesses report increased use of receivables innovations to accelerate revenue and cash flow:

  • In 2012, new PaySimple users reduced the number of days it took to get customer invoices paid from 12 days in month one to 4 days by the end of the year
  • 70% of respondents use PaySimple’s small business platform to collect recurring payments
  • In 2012, new PaySimple users grew their monthly revenue processed on the platform by more than 600% Tweet this!

“We are happy to be a part of the trend toward more adoption of SMB technology solutions,” said PaySimple CEO, Eric Remer.  “Surveys like this help shape our thinking and plans for how we can be even more valuable to the 20 million service-based small businesses in the US.”

About PaySimple.  PaySimple is the leading cloud-based platform for managing and growing small businesses. Thousands of companies use PaySimple’s turnkey solution to automate billing, accept electronic payments, increase cash flow, manage customers, and run real-time performance reports. PaySimple markets its product directly to small businesses as well as through valued enterprise partners, including ADP, Chase, Vantiv, Jack Henry, and Western Union. PaySimple helps small businesses take on the world. To learn more, visit PaySimple, call 800-466-0992, or follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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