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PaySimple Provides Payment Processing Functionality to Probill A/R Software

Probill's partnership with PaySimple enables it to provide ACH and credit card payment processing capabilities to its customers while generating additional revenue from each transaction processed.

DENVER, CO, August 19, 2006- PaySimple, an industry leading provider of payment management solutions for businesses, today announces a partnership with Probill, a leading accounts receivable software package designed for the security monitoring industry, to provide a complete payment processing solution to the Probill system. This new partnership enables Probill customers to seamlessly process payments directly from the Probill system via auto-recurring billing, electronic check processing, direct debit and credit card processing.

"We are excited to begin working with Probill to provide payment processing capabilities to their customers," says Allen Wolff, president of PaySimple. "Our expertise with merchant processing enables us to provide a comprehensive marketing, service, and support program for our partners as well as an ongoing revenue share of all transactions initiated from their systems."

"Our partnership with PaySimple has allowed us to expand our product offering and add merchant processing services without any additional overhead," says John Jones, Probill's Founder & CEO. "In addition, because PaySimple enables us to be completely independent from merchant processing and assumes all risk we are able to generate revenue from electronic payments while remaining completely insulated from the financial consequences of fraudulent transactions."

PaySimple customers gain competitive advantage by utilizing cutting edge-technology to process payments more efficiently, normalize cash flow, and significantly decrease outstanding accounts receivables. PaySimple is unique in the industry for providing a completely integrated payment gateway for processing electronic checks, direct-debits, credit-card transactions and for establishing auto-recurring billing and online bill-pay. With the ability to bill, process and deposit all payments automatically, PaySimple customers receive their money faster, more easily and more cost efficiently.

Over 20,000 companies in a broad range of industries from private/day schools to insurance companies, recreation centers , business services, medical services, non-profits, and many others, use the PaySimple platform. A large number of business software packages such as Probill also serve these industries and provide pre-payment accounts receivable functions. "A PaySimple partnership is a turnkey solution for completing the system with an industry-leading easy-to-use payment processing component." says Wolff.

For more information on PaySimple electronic payment processing solutions, the PaySimple partner program, or to schedule an online demonstration of the PaySimple system, please call 800.466.0992 or email sales@paysimple.com. For more information on Probill software, call 800.409.4997 or see www.probill.com.

About Probill:

 Probill is a leading accounts receivable software package for industries with a recurring billing customer base. Founded for the alarm monitoring industry, Probill now serves many additional verticals including multi-family housing, waste management and cable service providers. The system provides a powerful account database, billing program, and correspondence generator in one easy to use package. Probill sells and supports its systems direct from its Cedar City, UT headquarters. www.probill.com.

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