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PaySimple Announces New Product Enhancements at Finovate Fall 2012

New features empower PaySimple users to accelerate payments, bolster cash flow, and drive social engagement among their customers

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 -- PaySimple, the leading provider of cloud-based automated receivables solutions for small businesses, today premiered new product features to enable small and midsize business users to optimize their cash flow position and their social media presence.

PaySimple's CEO, Eric Remer, offered a first-look and demonstration of these product upgrades in New York at the FinovateFall conference, the premier event showcasing the leading technology innovations in the financial services and banking sectors. The new features were built in response to client requests.

With this product release, PaySimple offers users new tools to fuel their marketing and financial objectives. On the marketing front, users now have the ability to highlight their social media pages on outgoing customer invoices created, distributed, and paid online through the cloud-based software product. PaySimple also now allows clients to offer customers discounts for early payments and penalties for late payments on invoices - a feature that further enhances a business's cash flow automation capabilities using the software.

"It's exciting for us to receive and respond to product requests like these that come directly from our users," said Eric Remer, CEO of PaySimple. "Our active users are in the best position to recommend new ways that we can support their key business initiatives, and we're delighted to enhance the marketing and cash-flow benefits of our software solutions to help achieve their goals."

These system upgrades are rolling out to PaySimple's client base shortly after the conference.

About FinovateFall:

FinovateFall is a demo-based conference for innovative startups and established companies in the fields of banking and financial technology. Held in New York City, the event offers an insight-packed glimpse of the future of money via a fast-paced, intimate and unique format. FinovateFall is organized by The Finovate Group. For more information on the event or to view videos of previous demos, please visit www.finovate.com/fall2012/.

About PaySimple.  PaySimple is the leader in delivering automated receivables solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses. Thousands of growing companies use PaySimple’s turnkey, cloud-based technology to manage their customers, automate billing, simplify recurring payments, and accept electronic payments, including e-checks, ACH, direct debit, and credit cards.  PaySimple solutions fuel the goals of small business. To learn more about how PaySimple can accelerate your business goals or about PaySimple’s partnership opportunities, call 800-466-0992 or visit PaySimple.com.  Find PaySimple on Twitter and Facebook.

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