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POS Credit Card Reader

Plug in a USB credit card reader & swipe to sync with your PaySimple account

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Ultra Convenient for You and Customers

  • Fast and easy way to handle card present transactions
  • Accept credit cards on the spot in your office or store — from a laptop or desktop computer
  • The reader plugs into your USB drive, and all transaction sync seamlessly with your PaySimple account

USB card readers provide a fast and easy way to handle credit card transactions

Looking for a USB credit card reader? We recommend this one

Easily take payments in person with a USB card reader

Secure Transactions. Easy to Set Up.

  • Click Order Now and complete the Amazon checkout flow
  • Plug the swiper into any USB port on your computer
  • When collecting a payment, click the "Swipe Card" button
  • Swipe the card and click to process the transaction
  • View the transaction status and details in your standard payment history view

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