Sample Invoice Emails

Your customer will receive an email notification for each invoice entered for them, whether one-time or part of an invoice schedule. Depending on how you configure your invoices and schedules, the invoice email will provide basic details about the invoice (such as Invoice # and total due), will display a condensed version of the invoice below the introductory text (including line items, taxes, discounts, payments made, and balance due), and will include a “PAY INVOICE NOW” button that will enable your customers to log-into Customer Portal to view the invoice and make a payment (or download a .pdf version of the invoice), or to view the invoice online and pay it as a guest (or download the .pdf as a guest) if you have configured your system to accept guest payments. (See Invoice Settings in Chapter 8 for how to configure this setting.)
NOTE: If you configured an Early Payment Incentive, it will appear as a call to action box above the payment button in the invoice email and in the invoice PDF during the incentive period. Terms for Late Payment Fees will appear as a text line below the invoice regardless of whether they are currently active. See About Invoice Incentives and Penalties for more details.


You can also elect to attach the .pdf version of the invoice to the email itself. (See New Invoices and Invoice Schedules for how to configure invoice email settings.)
NOTE: The .pdf version of the invoice also contains a “PAY INVOICE NOW” button that opens the log-in page where your customer can log-in to make a payment, or pay as a guest (if you have that option enabled).


An invoice email that does not contain either incentives or penalties will look something like this:



The PDF attached to the email, and the PDF version accessible online, will look something like this:



The online version will look similar, and will contain a section for payment and billing information and a “Pay” button, as shown below:



When you resend invoice emails they will reflect the current status of the invoice, as well as any payments made on it. For example, in this screen capture the invoice has a Status of “Paid (partial)” and the $45 payment as well as the $45 balance are displayed.


An invoice email that includes both incentives and penalties will look like this during the incentive period:


The PDF version during the incentive period will look something like this:


The online version will look similar, and will contain a section for payment and billing information and a “Pay” button, as shown below.
NOTE: If you accept partial invoice payments, there will be a note next to the Amount field indicating that a partial payment will remove the incentive.



The same invoice will look like the email sample below when it becomes overdue and the Late Payment Fee is applied.


The online version will also contain the Penalty Fees.



You can customize the following components in the invoice PDF, and in the corresponding online version your customers see when they click to pay the invoice. See Preferences in Chapter 8 for how to configure these customizations.

After clicking the “PAY INVOICE NOW” button, what the customer sees depends on the Invoice login settings you configure on the Settings-->invoice settings screen. (See Invoice Settings in Chapter 8 for instructions on how to configure these settings.)


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