PaySimple Vision

PaySimple is a platform that promotes collective growth through the empowerment and motivation of individuals.

The Platform

Everything starts with a platform. Our platform is an energy that originally mirrored the founder’s vision of what a company focused on empowerment, love, and collective growth (versus fear, ego, and individual achievement) could become. The platform is a living, dynamic vibration and as each new person adds to the collective energy, the platform grows in ways that are well beyond the original conception.


Our platform was originally created for the team. The team, made up of the collective passions, personalities, and energies of the individuals, are the basis for everything that is created. Team members can only be their most creative and remarkable selves when they are comfortable being their true authentic selves. And this can only happen if they feel validated and empowered as individuals connected to a greater whole. By creating an environment that fosters collective and personal growth, the team can flow effortlessly and with complete authenticity. There is laughter, excitement, passionate discussions and debates, and a deep sense of purpose that drives all actions. And always, although opinions will often differ, intentions are aligned for the greater good of the company.


Our deep desire to empower and simplify the lives of business owners drives all of our technology and product development. If you’ve ever been excited to have a perfect new tool that simplifies and brightens your day (think your smart phone or GPS navigation), then you understand what we want our customers to feel about using our product. From the moment a potential customer touches our messaging, it should just feel good. It should feel easy, friendly, and intuitive. That feeling then permeates throughout the website, our software, and all verbal connection with customers. Every day, when business owners come to work and log in to their PaySimple accounts, they are genuinely excited to interact with it—to have an organized view of their business’ activity. The system enables them to have a greater sense of control of their business, giving them a greater sense of accomplishment, and ultimately, a greater sense of well-being.


Anywhere business owners are seeking technology solutions to simplify their lives and businesses, PaySimple will be there. Whether it is through their banks, credit card providers, small business resource centers, online search, social media, large retailers, or general software providers, PaySimple has developed its products in the forms necessary to enable mass small business adoption.


As business owners discover this technology that helps simplify their lives, they tell other businesses, who tell other businesses. Soon, there is a wave of knowing, and businesses believe that technologies out there can and will enable them to have more freedom to do what they want to do, and to spend less time worrying about collections and cash flow. Millions of businesses are then able to survive and thrive, economies flourish, efficiencies are gained, lives are improved, and communities are strengthened.


In the pursuit of empowering and simplifying lives, the product must be easy to find, easy to get started, easy to use, and easy to connect with. These facets are at the core of ubiquitous growth. In addition, the systems, infrastructure and all aspects supporting PaySimple will be of long-term sustainability and profitability, and will be developed allowing the platform to continue to evolve and thrive.

Want to see PaySimple in action?