"The simplicity of the software, the price... it fits my business perfectly."

Max West, Founder
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Web Site Service Owner Loves Fast Payments & Reliable Service

Starting a Business

Max West, founder of Webmaster Support Services, has been in the computer scene for more than 28 years. Having started three other businesses and working in desktop publishing, he decided it was time to take the next step in one of his other passions—website design. Seven years ago, he started Webmaster Support Services, and found that he really loved providing not only design services, but also the array of support required for a business to successfully manage a website, including: coding and technical troubleshooting, search engine optimization, and hosting. Max currently manages about 80 websites for his clients, and enjoys finding new niches of small businesses that he can serve.

Recurring Billing is a core part of his business. Rather than an annual charge, like some web service providers may have, he breaks up his services into a monthly fee. “Not only does it provide my business a regular income,” he explains, “it ties the customer to my business legitimately. Without recurring billing in this type of business, you’ll be on a constant roller-coaster ride and turnover is much higher.”

Finding a Best-Fit Billing Solution

After a few years in the web site support business, Max found that some of the services he was using for his monthly billing just weren’t up to par with what he and his The simplicity of the software, the price…it fits my business perfectly. Max West, founder of Webmaster Support Services clients needed. Incoming payments were delayed, and customers didn’t find the invoices and payment requests to be professional. “They just ignored them. Maybe one out of seven customers would actually pay one of those things,” he said.

When researching alternatives, Max found PaySimple in his search results and was impressed by the simple user interface and reasonable pricing, so he gave it a shot. “The pricing was right, and the program was so easy to use,” he explained.

Experiencing Success

After setting up PaySimple, Max saw benefits from allowing customers to set up their own recurring billing schedules online, explaining that it gives the customer more control in the process and makes them happier.

Happier Customers

In multiple aspects, he finds PaySimple to provide a more professional experience for his customers. For the recurring billing service, Max elaborated on how he typically charges his customers for a web site project, and then the follow-up service: “The service works really well. They can pay half down up-front, and half when the project is finished, then I set up the recurring billing to start the following month.”

There are little details that make a big difference, as well. For one, with PaySimple his business name shows up clearly on his customers bank statements, which has reduced instances of chargebacks. And, the easy click-to-refund feature is another bonus that he discovered after signing up. “Sometimes when you get into a project, you discover that the client just isn’t a good fit, and in those scenarios providing a refund is so easy,” he explained. “They’re happy. It’s really easy to do, and it’s really professional.”

Faster Payments

When asked if he gets paid faster from using PaySimple’s Recurring Billing feature, Max replied, “Oh, yes. Absolutely. It’s so fast, clean and simple.” In short, he explained, “It’s part of my success. A person would be silly not to use PaySimple.”

Better Experience

Max also shared his thoughts about his personal experience with PaySimple team members. “I’ve always stressed service,” he said, “making sure customers are getting everything they need and want, and making sure everyone is very professional and polite about it. You guys exceed anything I’ve seen. I’ve never met a group of trained employees more courteous.”

Thank you, Max, for sharing your story.

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