"PaySimple helps save time, which we can then reinvest into the business. "

Seaver and Natasha Chan
Vanguard College Prep

Vanguard College Prep

Vanguard College Prep

Lewisville, TX

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Tutoring Business Uses PaySimple to Nearly Eliminate Accounts Receivable Balance

Vanguard College Prep Saves Time with PaySimple

"PaySimple helps save time, which we can then reinvest into the business. For example, instead of spending time sending out emails to hound parents about collection (which nobody wants to do, we don’t want to be collectors), we can invest that time into creating a new curriculum and spending more time on our students." Vanguard College Prep has been a PaySimple customer since 2014.

Accounts Receivable was Keeping Them up at Night

"Starting out, we just accepted cash, checks and sent out invoices through email. I found that to be inefficient because most of the time if I wasn’t sending out an invoice, I was chasing down past-due invoices and our accounts receivable was growing like crazy. At one point, we had around $5000 in AR. It was out of control. I thought, “Okay, there has to be a better way to do this and get our accounts straightened out, because there’s no way we can run a business like this.” Our focus is to teach students but this problem was keeping us up at night and preventing us from doing our job properly."

Favorite Feature

One of Vanguard College Prep's favorite features is our recurring billing.

“Our business model is pay by the hour because of the private and personalized feel that we have, so we needed a solution that worked well with that. I found PaySimple and told the sales rep our problem. He recommended the solution, which was to have our clients sign a release form which allows us to automatically charge their card or checking account directly after every class. This worked out amazingly and since then, we’ve reduced our AR to around $100.”

Vanguard College Prep

Vanguard College Prep was launched in 2011 by founders Seaver and Natasha Chan and provides private, À la carte tutoring to students who are getting ready to take the SAT, ACT and DUKE TIP. Their tutors have over a decade of teaching experience and customize their curriculum to cater to the unique and specific needs of each student.

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