"Online giving has gone up every single month."

DeWayne Baggett, Administrative Assistant



Aurora, Colorado

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Ministry in Cambodia Lowers Administrative Costs and Increases Online Donations

About the Organization

Formed in 1995 by Dr. Setan and Randa Lee, TransformAsia is a nonprofit ministry that provides relief to Cambodia through various foundations, including The David Center Orphanage, The Battambang Trade School, The New Development Women’s Center, and TransformAsia University to name a few. Like many nonprofits, TransfromAsia relies on donations to operate and uses its website to facilitate and encourage online giving.

Dewayne Baggett, who leads TransformAsia’s fundraising efforts from its Aurora, Colorado office, encouraged the switch to a new online donation platform because he was unhappy with the high costs, poor customer service and overall clunkiness the organization’s first system. “It just got to be too expensive,” he recalled.

DeWayne discovered PaySimple initially because of its locale (we’re just down the street in Denver), but ultimately decided to sign up because the rates were more in line with his budget. “Cost was a big factor, and PaySimple beat out the others.”

The Transition to PaySimple

TransformAsia’s donors experienced a smooth transition to PaySimple, largely due to DeWayne’s upfront communication with them. “I simply explained to donors that we were changing to a more cost-effective, user- and donor-friendly system, and that more of their funds would make it to Cambodia, thanks to lower administrative costs. They loved that idea.”

DeWayne also noted that the donors appreciated the new control they had over their giving. “They really like the fact that they can go in and make changes to donations on their own. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from many of the donors who like that feature because they weren’t able to do it before.”

Life Since the Switch and Plans for Tomorrow

TransformAsia uses PaySimple for both recurring and one-time donations, and as DeWayne points out, “Online giving has gone up every single month.” In one specific instance, he was expecting a sizeable donation via credit card. With its past system, the oranization wouldn’t have been able to process the transaction due to strict processing limits. With PaySimple, however, DeWayne just called his dedicated representative to request authorization for the large transaction, and the donation processed successfully. “We could have lost that very substantial donation if PaySimple hadn’t gotten authorization so quickly,” said DeWayne.

Lower costs and user-friendliness aside, DeWayne still points to PaySimple’s customer service as his favorite part of the relationship. “I love the fact that a company out there cares for us so much.”

So where will TransformAsia go next? “Hopefully up. I’d like to double (fundraising) next year, and double it again the year after that.”

We hope so too! Thank you, DeWayne, for sharing your story.

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