"It gives us a professional image - the invoices look great."

Michelle Savoy, President
Savoy Bookkeeping & Tax

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Accounting Firm Finds Solution Fit for Small Business

Return to Entrepreneurial Roots

13 years ago, Michelle Savoy left her job at a large CPA firm to start Savoy Bookkeeping and Tax Services. Michelle comes from an entrepreneurial family, so the decision to pave her own way came naturally. More than a decade later, she’s never looked back.

Switching to PaySimple

In the early years of running her business, Michelle used traditional methods to get paid for her services – checks, cash, etc. More recently, she tried several merchant service accounts but found that either the systems were too labor intensive or the costs were too high. “As a small bookkeeping and accounting firm, we weren’t doing enough business to offset the costs that they were charging us,” she recalls.

Michelle came across PaySimple while researching solutions online. “I just thought PaySimple was well represented. It looked easy, and seamless to start,” she said. “When I called, the customer service was very helpful and they didn’t make it complicated, as some merchant people do. Today, I’m still enjoying that great customer service.”

Running a Business with PaySimple

Savoy uses PaySimple’s electronic invoicing features to collect payments from clients, and uses the recurring billing functionality to facilitate payment plans. Some clients, for example, pay an upfront retainer for services, followed by an automatic final payment 30 days later. “We require them to set it up through PaySimple so we don’t have to remember or think about it – it’s done.”

Michelle’s favorite part about PaySimple is the Dashboard. “It gives me a snapshot of everything that’s going on; failed transactions, expired credit cards.” She also appreciates the interactive charts that show her the payments she receives month to month.

Michelle plans to transition the rest of her customers to PaySimple in the near future, and is excited to start using the mobile app and payment forms as well.

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your story.

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