"Love the service. It just helps me manage my business financially."

Grant McCaulley, Owner
Quad City Barbell

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Strength Training Facility Employs PaySimple as Core Part of Financial Plan

Starting a Fitness Facility

Grant McCaulley is a fitness guru who decided to start managing his own strength training facility. Quad City Barbell is a small-scale, private facility with clients with a range of fitness needs. “Eighty percent of my clients are on fat loss or health promotions, and 20 percent are in athletic performance enhancement,” he said. When mapping out his business plan, he knew that setting up a recurring billing method would need to be a core part of his startup initiatives.

Finding a Solution

Grant was referred to PaySimple from another client, who also runs a fitness facility. Since he started using PaySimple to collect his monthly dues from the get-go,collecting has been a pretty smooth process for his business. His favorite part about the system? "I can keep all my client data on a server that's accessible from anywhere."

One of the biggest challenges he currently faces is finding training coaches who can start immediately. When talking to Grant, it was evident that he is a pretty busy fellow. “I design all the programming and manage all the training,” he was saying, while walking around and offering instruction to his employees.

Experiencing Success

Customer Adoption

After being in business only a few months, Grant already has a great adoption rate for setting up his clients with PaySimple’s recurring billing feature. “I use PaySimple to collect from 50 to 70 percent of my clients,” he said. “The financial cycling of a recurring system like that, it’s a core part of my business plan.”

Faster Payments

When asked if he thought PaySimple helped him get paid faster than receiving checks, without hesitation he replied, “Oh for sure.”


Grant already has growth plans for Quad City Barbell, including expanding into additional facilities and continuing to hire trainers and coaches.

Thank you, Grant, for sharing your story.

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