"It's just easier. I can [collect the payment] while the customer is right there on the phone."

Judy Nixon, Billing Manager
Ouray Sportswear

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Englewood, Colorado

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How a Sportswear Wholesaler is Getting Paid Easier

Building a Nationwide Client Base

Whether at a college football game or resort coastal town, you may have seen or even own a Ouray Sportswear customized product. Its facilities are based in Englewood, Colorado and it services resorts, colleges, universities, and destination locale shops with custom logo apparel featuring names like LSU, UCLA, Nantucket, Jackson Hole, Vail Resorts, and many more.

What started as a customized apparel shop for local Colorado ski resorts, has expanded into a booming sportswear outfitter for some of the most popular resorts in the country. And, with 100 employees and thousands of active clients, Ouray Sportswear is continuing to experience growth and success with their business model.

Don't you already have my credit card information?

Judy Nixon, who manages the billing for Ouray Sportswear, found re-capturing credit card information from clients to be one of the biggest roadblocks in getting paid.

With some clients, Ouray Sportswear has a longstanding relationship and rather than sending an invoice, will just automatically initiate a charge for the account after the client's shipment has gone out. But because its previous systems didn't securely store credit card information, it wasn't so easy to collect.

"With other systems, you have to retrieve the credit card information every single time, and that's just a huge headache," she explained. "We would be ready to charge [the payment], but we didn't have a credit card number. So, every time we had an order we were calling the clients, and they would say, ‘Haven't we already given this to you?'"

In addition, many clients who have received their shipments and invoices would call in to make payment over the phone. But, because she would have to enter the credit card information into the system each time, she was unable to process the payment on-the-spot – leaving room for error or causing additional call-backs if the payment didn't go through for any reason."

She was ready for something better.

Getting Paid Easier

After seeing PaySimple, Judy was excited to make the switch. "Once I saw the software package, I thought, this is so great," she shared.

Now, when a customer calls in to make payment, Judy can collect in a matter of seconds. "You punch in the account number and ask, ‘Do you want it on the Visa that ends in 1234?," and they're like ‘um yeah,' she laughed. "I can [collect the payment] while the customer is right there on the phone."

For other clients, she can initiate a charge to their saved credit card as soon as the shipment goes out, making getting paid a breeze.

The Perks

In addition to getting paid easier, most PaySimple clients discover additional benefits as they start using the system. Judy was nice enough to share what these are for her.

Peace of Mind

Security is a concern for every business, and a business trying to manage security on its own can turn into a huge expense. For Judy, she doesn't have to worry whether Ouray Sportwear's client information is safe. "It's nice to be able to put [the credit card number] in and know that it's secure,” she explained. "We aren't concerned about it once it's in there."

Ease of Use

When asked what she likes best about using PaySimple, Judy responded: "It's just the functionality of it. Once you put the card in there, you can pull up the account and you're ready to go. You fill out like two or three fields and hit process. It's fast and efficient.”

Better Experience

Judy also appreciates the level of service she receives from PaySimple if she ever has any questions. "Any time I've had to call customer care,” she said, "if they don't have answers right away, they're back with me in an hour. I think you guys have a good support system.”

Thank you, Judy, for sharing your story.

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