"I love PaySimple, it makes everything so much easier. It keeps track of your invoices and you can make money easier with the invoice system."

Michael Feigin, Esq., US Patent Lawyer



New York, NY

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Patent Lawyer Collects Payments Faster, While Offering a Great Customer Experience

About Michael Feigin, Esq.

Michael Feigin is a patent and trademark attorney. He worked for a couple different firms and then decided that he wanted to start his own firm and that he wanted everything to be electronic. Michael has been a customer of PaySimple since 2009.

Using PaySimple | Michael's Words

“The way law firms typically work is they ask for a retainer - that is, a large advance that they draw from as they do work for you. This typically involves a paper check, which has to be deposited -- causing a delay because the attorney has to wait until they receive the money in order to start working.

Now, for a new client, I just have them email me a check image or fill out the PaySimple payment form. For a continuing client, right after I get off the phone, I send them a quick invoice and transfer the funds. They confirm in email and I can get started on the work - the accounting is simple and the client's funds aren't tied up. The client pays for only what they're using. It makes it much easier if the client doesn’t have to worry about sending checks in the mail, and just makes the whole process go faster and smoother. It also helps me be more competitive and helps my income since it's so much easier for my customers to pay and work with me.”

Favorite Feature

One of Michael’s favorite features is the automated overdue invoice notice.

“It’s great because sometimes I just don’t think about it – if the invoice is in PaySimple then in 30 days it causes money to appear. The system will automatically send the invoice and then I just see the payment coming in and I didn’t do anything extra.”

About the Law Firm of Michael J. Feigin

The Law Firm of Michael J. Feigin, Esq., is located just outside New York City in the state of New Jersey and handles all aspects of Intellectual Property including: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.

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