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Amrita Gill, CEO
Local Buzz, LLC

Local Buzz, LLC

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How a web solutions business owner got rid of her invoicing headaches and is reclaiming lost time

Starting a Marketing & Web Solutions Business

Marketing guru Amrita Gill launched Local Buzz, LLC in 2011 after noticing a demand in the small business marketplace for web design, internet marketing, and social media services. Her expertise in the space got her business off to a fast start, and she soon realized the need for a more efficient way to manage billing with her clients.

In Search of a Solution

The first solution Local Buzz adopted was less than ideal. It allowed Amrita and her team to send electronic invoices, but it didn’t save customer information for future use or reporting. As the business continued to grow, so did the manual data entry. She knew that the process wasn’t sustainable, so she started looking for a more efficient solution. After researching several solutions and even trying a few stopgaps, Amrita decided on PaySimple because she needed a solution that not only provided click-to-pay invoicing, but also hosted the web payment form and stored customer data for repeat transactions.

On the Rise and On the Go

Since switching to PaySimple, Amrita has eliminated the need for duplicate data entry. "The amount of time and headaches I’m able to save – I haven’t really had any problems with it at all. I like how it saves my customers’ information so I don’t have to keep asking them for it." And even though Gill originally adopted PaySimple for its invoicing functionality, she has put more of its features to work; today it’s the sole solution she uses to manage her business’s receivables.

She also uses the PaySimple mobile app to keep tabs on her payments when she’s out of the office. "I check it to see if someone has paid me, or how much I’ve collected."

So, what is Amrita doing now with the time she has freed up? “I’m currently expanding into video production, focusing on small business videos, and maybe into animation."

We look forward to watching Local Buzz continue to grow!

Thank you, Amrita, for sharing your story.

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