"PaySimple keeps us fresh and, more importantly, it keeps us paid."

Elliot Janes, President
Latino Tax Service

Latino Tax Service

Latino Tax Service

Portland, Oregon

  • Latino Tax Service

Tax Prep and Bookkeeping Service Automates its Business

Expanding the Business

Elliot Janes assumed control of Latino Tax Service in early 2008. When he bought the company, its core service was tax preparation. Elliot soon found that, while specializing in tax prep was a lucrative business for several months a year, the slower months were less predictable. To make ends meet year-round, Elliot expanded his services to provide bookkeeping and payroll for businesses. As the demand grew, his capacity maxed out, so he looked for ways to make his company more efficient.

Automating to Improve Efficiency

Prior to using PaySimple, Elliot was burdened by tracking down invoices and often couldn’t collect payment for services he delivered. “It was terrible because we’d discover that clients owed us over a thousand dollars.” He also learned that his collection process was driving a wedge between him and his clients. “Whether they paid us or not, it became a real struggle on the relationship. That’s when I decided to automate everything and start billing with PaySimple.”

Adopting PaySimple

Latino Tax Service now uses PaySimple’s recurring billing functionality to collect monthly fees from its business clients. What Elliot likes most about the automation is the fact that payments land directly in his bank account, with no additional effort. “This keeps us fresh, and more importantly, it keeps us paid,” he said.

Today, Latino Tax Service enjoys a predictable stream of revenue. “The consistent billing lets us to stretch the savings built up from tax season a little better.” He has also hired an employee to help manage his clients.

So what’s next for Latino Tax Service and PaySimple? He’d like to start offering payment plans to consumers that can’t otherwise afford tax preparation services. He also anticipates using more of PaySimple’s mobile app.

Thank you, Elliot, for sharing your story.

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