"My customers didn't even notice the swap since I was still able to debit their accounts directly."

William Pottle, Owner
Korean Academy of Taekwondo

Korean Academy of Taekwondo

Korean Academy of Taekwondo

Aurora, CO

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A Taekwondo Academy Enjoys a Seamless Transition to Accepting Online Payments

About the Academy

For over three decades, the Korean Academy of Taekwondo has provided award-winning martial arts instruction and equipment to the Front Range communities of Colorado. William Pottle, a former student of the academy, acquired the business in 2004 and has served as Owner/Operator ever since.

In Search of a Cost-Effective Solution

One of William’s recent initiatives was to assess the various software systems his academy uses. He found that while his billing and customer management system was efficient, the $200 per month price tag was too much. That’s when he discovered PaySimple and found the same billing functionality for a fraction of the price.

Seamless Transition

The transition to PaySimple was smooth. “My customers didn’t even notice the swap since I was still able to debit their accounts directly,” William recalls. In addition to the automated tuition payments, he also appreciates PaySimple’s ease of use and built-in security. He doesn’t have to worry about filing sensitive financial data since it’s all stored securely with PaySimple.

Going Forward

William’s current goal is to continue improving the efficiency of his systems to help his various locations operate in unison. Long term, he hopes to find a larger space for his growing business.

Thank you, William, for sharing your story.

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