"PaySimple has allowed us to deal with just one company and have all our needs met."

Michael Carvalho, President
Fabriclean, Inc.

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Fabriclean, Inc.

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How a carpet maintenance company increased sales by 15% after just 20 days

Family Owned and Operated

The Fabriclean seed was planted back in 1977, when Michael Carvalho's aunt and uncle became fed up with the moisture left behind after carpet cleanings. Together with a partner from Jamaica, they developed a chemical that allowed for carpets to be dry-cleaned. The system enjoyed immediate success, and after 30+ years of continuous evolution, Fabriclean is still a family-run business.

To Swipe or Not to Swipe

Several years back, Michael had a difficult decision to make. His company was accepting credit card payments for their carpet cleaning and repair jobs, but the associated fees were just too much. After weighing the costs and benefits of accepting electronic payments, Michael decided to take a temporary step back and cancel their merchant services accounts.

Renewed Need for Electronic Payments

With business booming in early 2012, Michael knew it was time to re-visit electronic payments. Since cancelling his merchant accounts, Fabriclean was limited to cash and check payments, which affected the rate at which his customers could pay. Not long into his search, Michael discovered PaySimple.

"What really attracted us to PaySimple is the unique approach of dealing with just one company that can handle a variety of products, whereas before, my ACH was through one bank, the merchant services was through another bank, and the cost approach was just ridiculous," he explained.

Immediate Impact

After adopting PaySimple, Michael and Fabriclean experienced an immediate uptick in business. "In the last 20 days, we've increased the business by 15% just by accepting credit cards again." In one instance, Michael was able to collect a payment that had been eluding him for some time.

"We tried collecting that payment for a year with numerous correspondences, and never got a reply. We sent one PaySimple invoice and it was paid, along with a letter saying that it was 'easy and nice,'" recalls Michael.

Michael says his favorite thing about PaySimple is its ease of use, and he plans to start using the mobile app to manage his business on-the-go.

"I didn't realize how much our business was being affected by not accepting credit cards. In this day and age, I should have realized that it plays a major role. Now I realize it. It's changed my way of thinking a lot."

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your story.

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