"PaySimple is so streamlined and easy to use, it's been a great experience."

Stephanie Harris
Essence Chiropractic Studio

Essence Chiropractic Studio

Essence Chiropractic Studio

Fitness & Well-being
Durango, CO

  • Essence Chiropractic Studio

A chiropractor enjoys collecting payments online

About the Company

Essence Chiropractic Studio is a family health and wellness provider located in Durango, Colorado. Rather than just looking at problems, symptoms or conditions, Dr. Stephanie Harris takes pride in her practice’s ability to address her patients’ entire state of wellness.

Dr. Harris transitioned to PaySimple to manage client billing for her practice. They use the solution to collect one-time and recurring payments via credit card and ACH (eChecks). “A lot of my clients and families… get care on an on-going basis, so it’s been great for me to use PaySimple to set up monthly auto-debits for their accounts so they don’t have to bring their payments every time they come in. It’s all automated – they love it and I love it.”

Thank you, Dr. Harris, for sharing your story.

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