"Because we can customize PaySimple to fit our business model, we save time and provide an outstanding branding and user experience to our customers."

Clarence Livingstone, CEO
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How PaySimple supports my business model, and reduces invoice time-to-pay to one day

About My Company

Federal, State, Local Governments, and Non-Profit grant programs often do not have enough budgeted staff to monitor their programs. As a result, poorly monitored programs often fail audits and lose funding. We help grant managers monitor and audit their programs 50% faster than paper-based documents by providing custom online time sheet software, progress report software, budgeting and payment software.

Finding a Solution, but a Not-Quite-Right Fit

After years of waiting for checks in the mail, we decided to subscribe to an online credit card and check processing company. However, the payment process of the system we chose was too complicated, and as a result, we didn’t use it. We were also required to hire a web page designer to create a payment form for our customers. This didn’t make any sense to us.

So, we searched the internet for a new online credit card and check processing vendor and found PaySimple. Logging into their demo, I was amazed at how simple their system was to navigate and understand. We were still skeptical. So we contacted PaySimple to get a live demonstration of their product.

The Perfect Fit

PaySimple customer sales and service support teams were extremely friendly and knowledgeable about their product; and best of all, their software had an online invoice form, credit card form and check form for processing payments that could be customized to fit our business branding and reporting needs.

After some discussion with PaySimple’s account manager, we decided that maintaining customer information in a separate invoice database and emailing online invoices to our customers would no longer fit our business model. So we created an internal online invoice application that is populated with our customer information from our internal customer database, and then linked the invoice to PaySimple credit card and check processing forms.

Our customers log-in to our website to pay all outstanding invoices. From their point of view, there isn’t a separate Enteck Design Group and PaySimple service; there is only one simple seamless online payment process. As a result, invoice payment time was reduced from seven days to one day.

Furthermore, if our customer’s transaction succeeds or fails, PaySimple will send an email receipt or failed transaction notification to our customer’s email account. PaySimple will also notify us by email when our customer’s payment is deposited into our bank account.

What We Like Most

We eliminate the need to send invoices, and PaySimple provides our customers with the option to pay online by credit card or check, reducing the opportunity for human error in the payment process. Because we can customize PaySimple to fit our business model, we save time and provide an outstanding branding and user experience to our customers.

Thank you, Clarence, for sharing your story.

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