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Be honest and genuine.
Be supportive to one another.
Exude happiness.
Improve the lives of everyone you touch.

Who We Are

The idea for PaySimple was born when founders Eric Remer (CEO) and Allen Wolff discovered that service-based businesses spent far too much time and energy collecting and tracking payments.

In 2006, Eric and Allen started PaySimple in Denver, Colorado with two simple goals:

For Our Customers
Change the lives of business owners by bringing simplicity and flow to their businesses.
For Our Team
Provide a challenging, authentic, and nurturing place for professionals to grow.

Since then, we’ve continued to cultivate our service commerce solution to meet the needs of 17,000 service businesses and growing. We help them accept and manage payments, book appointments, sell online, and manage their clients' information. We strive to empower business owners to live their lives by enabling the day-to-day engine of their business to flow in the background, driven by a state-of-the-art cloud-based solution.

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Grow With Us
We’ve experienced incredible growth since 2006. We’ve grown our team, moved into a bigger space (multiple times), innovated new software, and all the while kept the importance of culture at the core of our growth.

Paths for Growth


Sr. Manager, Business Operations

"From being a customer care professional to where I am now, I always felt like I had the ability to really change the direction of the company."


VP, Customer Experience

"Hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed at PaySimple, we're really excited to promote folks who go that extra mile."

Ti Wegmeyer

Director, Quality Assurance

“PaySimple truly cares about its employees happiness and personal and professional success. It’s a place where, with hard work and dedication, you can direct your own path and pave new ways for you to grow and succeed.”

Not Your Ordinary Perks

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