Question: What is a fun way to engage your small business customers?


ps_jeopardyFinding clever marketing and customer retention programs is an important part of helping your small business standout in the crowd. And, when that program can both promote your company and take advantage of something that is already popular with your customer base, you have a winner.

One good way to do this is by engaging your customers with an online game that provides a fun way to learn about your company. Customized games have been utilized by major brands like AT & T, Coca Cola, Citibank and Hilton Hotels. (Read the case studies on the game developer’s website.)

While you certainly can’t expect to get a low-cost slick, professional game like the ones profiled in the case studies, you can create and share your own Jeopardy Game for free.

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JeopardyLabs provides an easy-to-use online editor for creating your own jeopardy-like games. Simply create a password for your game, give it a title, enter your categories, and create 5 questions for each. You are then provided a link you can use in your website, include in emails, or post to social media. This enables anyone to play your Jeopardy game!

See an example here: Play PaySimple Trivia Jeopardy

(Note: To play, select the number of teams you have then click “start.” Click on an answer box to open the A/Q screen. Once you have the question, announce it to the other players (or simply note it yourself) and click the “correct response” link to see the correct question. Then click the “+” or ‘-“ symbols at the bottom of the screen to adjust your score, and click the “continue” link to return to the board.)

Some tips for creating your Jeopardy Game:


  • Make sure you save the link to your game, the link to edit it, and the password you created. Once you leave the page displaying your links, you will not be able to retrieve them from JeopardyLabs.
  • The Answer and Question fields accept basic html. So, you can use text styles such as <strong> for bold</strong>, <font color=”red”> to add color</font>, and <img src=””> to include images.
  • Include information about your company in addition to the correct question. For example, if one answer is “Honeycrisp, Macintosh, and Gala” and the question is “What are types of apple?” if your business is a bakery you might add a note stating that you offer 10 different types of apple pie. (Tip: Use the <br> code to create hard line breaks in entries.)
  • See the JeopardyLabs about page for a FAQ that includes other tips and tricks.


You can create as many free jeopardy games as you like. And, you can go back and edit them as often as you like as well. One approach is to create a game specifically about your business and the products and services you offer. Another approach is to create a general interest game around a subject related to your business– just be sure to include branding and contact information for your company, so customers know where to learn more about your business. Check out the games created by other users here, if you’re looking for some inspiration.

We’d love to play your game. Once you program your jeopardy game, leave a link to your creation in the comments.

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Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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