Have you had your PayPal account frozen? Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of clients. If you’ve started looking for an alternative to PayPal, we’re here to help.

Since we provide a payment processing service, quite a few of our customers come to us seeking an alternative to PayPal, expressing complaints about high prices, bad customer service, and even, “They just won’t give me my money.”

Today, I found out about the Worldwide Ebay Strike, which since its purchase in July of 2002, is also an indirect strike against PayPal. For a short explanation, if you haven’t heard this news, a group of eBay users are trying to gain momentum against the auction giant to combat its recent regulation changes, which have been adversely affecting the business of eBay sellers.

What businesses should know is, yes, there are alternatives to PayPal.  EBay and PayPal are excellent solutions for consumer to consumer buying and selling, but have limitations for businesses. If you are a legal business (i.e you have a business bank account and business license) looking to sell your products online, I strongly recommend getting a merchant account for both ACH (e-checks) and credit cards, rather than accepting payments solely through a PayPal account.

75% of consumers prefer to pay with credit or debit cards

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What’s the difference?

Control over funds: PayPal is a service primarily for consumers and does not protect a business as well as a merchant account would against fraudulent chargebacks. A merchant account is strictly bank and processor related, which follow established regulations. PayPal is a separate entity that can hold your funds by rules that it sets – whatever those may be.

Recurring billing: If you are a service industry business, or offer payment plans, you could save yourself quite a bit of work and expense by setting up recurring billing. PayPal does not offer an automatic billing program for PayPal accounts.

User experience: As a consumer, I would be weary of purchasing anything from a business only offering PayPal as a form of payment. The funny thing about merchant accounts is that they not only protect businesses better, but they also provide the consumer some assurance. By offering customers eCheck or credit card payment options, you’re showing that you are a real business that has qualified for a merchant account and are much less likely to be fraudulent.

If you’re interested in learning more about the differences between PaySimple and PayPal, give us a call or sign up for a free demo. One of our product experts can explain to you the strengths and weaknesses of PaySimple versus PayPal.

Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan is the VP of Marketing for PaySimple, the leading provider of service commerce solutions for SMBs. At PaySimple, Sarah leads the company's brand, acquisition, lifecycle, and product marketing strategies, and has been an integral player in growing the company from a fledgling startup to a leading SaaS platform, serving over 15,000 businesses across the country. She loves live music, being outside, great food, and hanging out with her husband, little boy, and dog.

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