2012 is here and it’s time to make those resolutions of change that so commonly correlate with a new calendar year.

Maybe you’ve already made some of those personal resolutions, such as reading more books, eating less sugar, or creating better passwords (rather than “password1”), but perhaps there are some professional resolutions to make for your business.  Are there areas for improvement within project management or efficiency of daily processes? Don’t wait to make changes!

Addressing problem areas through clear communication and training among team members is an essential step to building the foundation for a successful 2012.

  1. Increase productivity and higher levels of accuracy — When employees are confident about the appropriate steps for completing a task, they can work faster and with fewer mistakes.
  2. Increase employee confidence – Proactive training displays a mentality that the business cares about the quality of work enough to seek out methods of improvement. Employees feel more secure in their job when they understand the necessary steps to good job performance.
  3. Improve efficiency — Consistency means you can better predict outcomes for 2012 and better track areas of weakness within processes. A simple review of best practices can be a boost to productivity. If common procedures are not documented in your office, have several employees of the same position record their basic steps and then combine the documents to determine the best path from A to Z. Or, have employees document different areas of their daily activities and reward them with a small gift card for coffee or lunch.
  4. Find lost revenue and sales — Utilize valued employees to pin-point training topics that might be helpful to the group or appoint an employee to design and perform specific training for the team.  Often you can find gaps that you didn’t even know existed, such as in billing or sales processes, which can translate to sales and revenue gained that might have been lost.

Training does not have to be a negative or tiresome affair. Involve games or prizes to encourage the spirit of friendly competition but to also ensure participation and involvement. Set obtainable goals within the office to support the improvement plans and celebrate together as a company when those goals are reached.

Most importantly, don’t wait to make resolutions of change within the company; there’s no time like the present to make a more productive business. Best wishes for 2012!



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