If you’re like me, you watch the Super Bowl primarily for the football, but still appreciate the creativity displayed in the commercials.  According to a recent Nielsen survey, the nation is split in their motives for watching: 51% watch for the ads, while 49% tune in for the action.

No matter where your loyalties lie, you’ll probably agree that more times than not, water-cooler talk on Super Bowl Monday is about the commercials.  This year was no different… except for one thing.  Instead of kicking off the debate with which ad was the funniest (although we did get to that eventually, and agreed that the Darth Vader VW commercial took the gold), we were buzzing about the Salesforce.com Chatter spot.  Is it because we use Salesforce.com?  That’s part of it, but most PaySimplers were just impressed to see a fellow B2B cloud-based product appear on the biggest stage in advertising.

Most Super Bowl ad-space is reserved for consumer products that are relevant to the majority of viewers.  By forking over the cash to run an ad during the big game, Salesforce.com confirmed the belief that big things are coming (and are already here) in cloud computing and in how B2B products are marketed.

Technology forecasters expect cloud services to grow 25% per year for the next five years.  Gartner listed cloud computing atop its list of “Top 10 strategic technologies for 2011,” and others predict that larger companies will eventually have teams solely dedicated to searching out cloud-based solutions.  Another trend to keep an eye on is the emergence of PaaS (Platform as a Service) products that are expected to be adopted by businesses and consumers alike (see Google and Microsoft’s web-application platforms).

Next time you sit down to watch TV, see if you can spot any other cloud products.  And if you happen to come across any, tell us about them on Twitter (@PaySimple).

Matt Rushing

Matt Rushing

My name is Matt Rushing and I joined the PaySimple team at the beginning of 2010. In 8th grade, a career test forecasted that I would go on to become a cheese maker, but that has yet to come to fruition. Until it does, I assume I’ll continue my career in Marketing. Having lived in Colorado for 75 percent of my life, I think I’m as close as it gets to “native” status. When I’m not at work, I enjoy golf, skiing, writing and spectator-sporting. You can find him on

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