You can do anythingAs I was driving my 6-year-old son to his soccer practice, I asked him if he wanted to play professional soccer one day.  I preempted his answer with a well-intended “fatherly statement.”

Me:  You really can do absolutely anything you want in this journey.
Son:  No I can’t dad.
Me:   Actually you can.
Son:  No dad, actually I can’t.  Can I play Xbox all day, eat junk food, say bad words, and hit my sister?
Me: Well…
Son:  No dad.  I can’t.  So I can’t do anything I want.

Outside of the fact that I was completely and impressively outsmarted by a 6-year-old, and frightened by the thought that he will probably be doing exactly this (outside of hitting his sister) when he is 18-years-old, I still believe this statement to be true.

We can all make the decision, at all times, to do what we want.  Why then do so few people actually live their lives this way?  First, although it sounds ridiculous, most of us have no clue what we actually want. Second, we are constantly making new decisions based upon past decisions, which just take you further away from answering the original question: What do you really want?

Every decision we make today either reinforces an existing path or creates a new path. If we continue down the same path, the further along that path we go, the more difficult it is to change. If we make a decision that creates a new path based upon where we are in a particular moment, it opens a whole new world of possibilities and outcomes.  However, this can be challenging, so we often continue to make decisions that reinforce our comfort zone and create our reality within the boundaries of that “space”.

The other challenge we often face in “doing exactly what we want” is that the new direction can fundamentally put into question previous decisions already in place.  We can look flaky, selfish, irresponsible, impulsive…but to who?  The questions to ask yourself are, “Where is your energy right now?  Does your path still resonate with you? Are you living this life based upon decisions that were made in the past? What do you really want?”

Of course there are always consequences to the decisions we make, but the fact most of us fail to realize is that there are real consequences to the decisions we don’t make. We live in a limitless, energetic and vibrational world with endless possibilities.   So figure out what it means to you to do exactly what you want, and then start living it.

Eric Remer

Eric Remer

Eric Remer founded and currently serves as CEO of PaySimple. Prior to PaySimple, he founded the Conclave Group and co-founded I-Behavior, the latter of which ultimately sold its online division to Akamai and its offline division to Y&R. He is passionate about creating platforms, growth, and watching his kids be kids.

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