“Measure twice, cut once.”

That was one of my dad’s favorite things to say and, while he was usually referring to workshop activities, I think it can apply to every day. If you look at a decision once from only one angle, you are going to miss things. If you look at it a second time, you’ll see and understand more and make a better decision.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and many of us spent time with the important father figures in our lives. Father’s Day is also an opportunity to think about how these great men influence our lives, the choices we make, and the people we want to be.

In the video below, we asked our team to share some life lessons they’ve learned from their dad’s, I’ve grouped their answers into three categories.

Personal Safety

“Always drive with your lights on.”

“Don’t talk on the phone while crossing Alameda.” (Crazy-busy street in Denver)

While it’s common for a parent to worry about the safety of their child, I believe there is a bigger message in these lessons. That message is that life is full of big obstacles and huge roadblocks: make smart choices so that you maneuver around the easily avoidable ones.

Personal Hygiene is Important

“Always wash your face in the morning.”

“The importance of flossing.”

“Take a vitamin everyday.”

The big message here is: keep yourself healthy first, before you do anything else. The key to a healthy and happy life is a a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Life Lessons

“The Golden Rule – he who has the gold makes the rules.”

“Always keep your eye on the ball and your head up.”

“Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.”

“Land with both feet on the ground.”

“Stand out from the crowd – be a leader and not a follower.”

“Pay it forward, as the greatest dividends you receive are on the gifts you give.”

“Never underestimate the benefit of a hard day’s work.”

“If you work hard for the first 20 years, the next 60 years will be simple.”

“Being kind is often better than being right.”

“Crying doesn’t make you less of a man or a woman.”

“Always love, no matter what.”

At their core, these lessons all come down to a few key messages; Our parents want us to be true to ourselves, hardworking and honest, and good to other people.

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Do you have a favorite quote or lesson from your father figure?






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