If your business is still so small that you’re a sole proprietor, then you probably haven’t faced the hiring challenge yet. But for the majority of small business owners, attracting great employees is a key component of effective operations, future growth, and success.

If you’ve ever been part of a hiring process whether for your first company President or your first part-time assistant you know it is full of pitfalls, and that finding that perfect person can be extremely difficult. You probably also know how painful weeding through countless resumes from unqualified applicants can be, and how frustrating the interview process can become when people don’t live up to your first-impression expectations. Use the following resources to improve your hiring process or to just plain laugh about it.

The Helpful

A recent article from Bloomberg Business Week tackles the hiring process, and offers some outstanding analysis and advice. Nine Ways Employers Screw-up Hiring takes a critical look at some of the common hiring pitfalls and offers suggestions for better ways to attract not only the most talented candidates, but the candidates best suited for your company. Check it out before posting your next job.


The Hilarious

Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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